5 Advantages and Benefits of Video Conferencing

Significant advancements in technology have dramatically altered where and how we do business. More and more people have begun working remotely with the onset of on-demand, instant communication, and business globalization.

For modern and innovative businesses to prosper, grow and globalize, building then maintaining quality alliances with partners, suppliers, investors, customers, and internal teams is vital. Video conferencing increases productivity, reduces travel expenses, saves time, and promotes overall collaboration.

One of the benefits of video conferencing platforms is putting these benefits to good use without constant travel for face-to-face communication.

What is a Video Conferencing Tool?

Video conferencing consists of online meetings that occur over the internet to connect video conferencing systems in meeting rooms using personal electronics such as laptops or mobile devices embedded with webcams. Utilizing a simple and unified video conferencing solution for screen sharing empowers teams, regardless of their location, to be more engaged, productive, and connected.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Video Conferencing for Your Business

Here are the top five advantages of using the new communication tools to transform how modern businesses communicate utilizing the video conferencing tool.

1. It enables the workforce to perform digitally.

  • Video conferencing software creates a collaborative meeting culture in your organization and becomes a foundation to enable today’s digital workforce.
  • Video meetings can help teams maintain human involvement, regardless of their location, and help speed up decision-making. It improves your ability to collaborate worldwide.

2. Simplify usability and management.

  • Teams require access to collaborative solutions that enable them to meet via real-time instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, and screen sharing. But the reliance on too many diverse solutions can overcomplicate matters.
  • By using a consolidated online meeting solution with a simple user interface that is managed in a central location, teams can focus on the meeting rather than being burdened with troubleshooting at every meeting.

3. Communication and culture rally

  • Today’s workforce prioritizes flexibility, mobility, and the modern forms of communication over seclusion and private offices. Bringing the workers who work remotely face-to-face with in-house employees can increase productivity for both while lowering travel costs.
  • When you compare the costs of travel and costs of video conferencing, you will see that video conferencing comes out on top.
  • Whether your company is built mainly of remote employees, globally located, video conferencing has the unique ability to bring a human connection to face-to-face communications.

4. Increased communication reliability.

  • Video conferencing provides a secure and quick way for communication among your employees. As video conferencing continues to develop into a business-critical necessity, it is essential to prioritize service reliability and support reliability in your solution.

5. Reduce redundancy and improve value.

  • Companies are continuing to upgrade their audio or web conferencing providers to find more value in full video conferencing solutions. That would include audio conferencing, screen sharing, meeting recording, chat, and event live-streaming.
  • The total cost of ownership of licensing and maintenance for multiple vendors adds unnecessary costs and complexity for the end-users.

With one-third of each workday spent in meetings, it is possible to develop a love-hate relationship with them, along with scheduling, attending, and participating in them.

With the use of video conferencing software, it is possible to create a collaborative, modern meeting culture in your organization. It can also revive the sense of what a good meeting should entail. In a recent survey of businesses that have used video conferencing, 85% of them cited an increase in productivity by implementing video technology in their meetings.

The single most apparent reason to rely on any technology is to be more productive with faster results. Advancements in technology for the office environment have been about speeding the pace of business. Video conferencing allows you to get face-to-face quickly. As 93% of communication is nonverbal in nature, video meetings help you make and maintain real human connections regardless of distance, to finalize decisions with confidence.

top 5 benefits of video conferencing

A unified teamwork tool is simple to add to your daily workflow and essential to obtain increased productivity. While research shows that scheduled meetings are still commonly used, it also tells us that more conversations are happening without an invitation and over shorter periods.

Tools such as chat, video conferencing, and recording and sharing save time and enhance the meeting experience through ongoing and engaging collaboration. Video conferencing allows you to present your business in the best light as you get to control your surroundings. You do not have to compromise your home-field advantage since you enable your team to present from where they can perform at their best.

Productive meetings come from the combination of good meeting habits and quality technology. A recent survey found that by adding video conferencing technology to the meeting room, relationships were improved, the time needed to complete projects and tasks decreased, travel dependencies were all but eliminated, and the communication understanding between attendees became obviously stronger.

Consolidating your solutions for audio conferencing, video conferencing, screen sharing, and real-time instant messaging is essential in the digital revolution. A unified and simple video conferencing tool makes communication easy and reduces ensuing confusion of many overlapping apps, simplifying the troubleshooting, maintenance, and saving time and energy by minimizing training needs.

The use of cloud-based videoconferencing software tips the balance for IT administrators. Moving the infrastructure into the cloud reduces or all but eliminates the burden of maintaining and optimizing on-premises video conferencing equipment. Today, managing a video network is as simple as logging into a web-based admin console to set preferences, add users, and access usage reporting.

An online meeting platform allows you the opportunity to begin your day by meeting face-to-face with your co-workers rather than sitting in morning traffic. Frequent flyer miles from business trips are good, but a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle is so much better, as it is more beneficial and much more rewarding.

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