Healthcare Features of Seecure

Compliant to the highest standards

pci compliant communications
sarbanes oxley compliant video conferencing
hipaa compliant video conferencing
iso 27001 compliant digital communications
gdpr compliant digital communications

Make your communications more custom, immersive and secure


Data Stored on the cloud

A system of secure storage servers backed-up in multiple locations means you get access to your data anywhere from any device.

Low Code

Speed up development & customization

Speeds up the delivery process by "dragging and dropping" pre-designed content blocks into the application built for you.


Connect with API and web-based systems

Easily communicates wih your established Web Services through connected APIs built into a custom designed portal for your needs.

Database Enabled (Microsoft SQL Server)


136 auditable HIPAA components built-in

Demonstrated compliance across all 54 HIPAA citations, 136 audited components and 19 standards.

No matter what information is exchanged it stays within the secure system.

Healthcare Features

Patient Portal

Patients have all their important information, right at their fingertips. They can book virtual appointments at the touch of a button and view them at a glance. They can also view vitals, lab results, prescriptions, and more. You can choose what information your patients can access. They can also log in from anywhere, on any device, and quickly and easily contact their doctor with any questions. And everything is completely secure and fully HIPAA compliant.

telehealth software feature patient portal
device compatibility video conference feature

Easily Create Appointments

Patient Scheduling

Patients can schedule appointments securely online by browsing for available time slots, or the office can schedule it and send the patient immediate notification.

More Healthcare Features

Annotations on Imaging

Allow medical staff to make annotations on X-rays, CT scans, ultrasound and other modalities, and share under HIPAA.

Waiting Room

Establish a virtual waiting room for patients where they can prepare for their video visit by filling out necessary forms, providing insurance and payment information, etc.

Intake Sheets

Patients can fill out intake forms digitally, in advance, or while in the waiting room, and upload them to a secure server for easy access.

Integration to EMR

Integrate Seecure with your existing Electronic Health Records without compatibility issues or interruption of workflow.

HIPAA Recorded Sessions

Record any virtual visit for later review or charting, and store the recording securely in HIPAA compliant cloud space.

Voice Dictation

Simple and accurate voice-to-text functionality lets you make quick notes and add them seamlessly to a patient’s file.

Electronic Payments

Seecure connects to both PayPal and Stripe for secure, PCI compliant payment processing.

Ad Hoc Visits

Doctors and Staff can schedule an On-Demand Virtual Visit with a patient and talk to them anywhere, from any device.

Virtual Collaboration Case Review

Remote video group meetings for treatment planning, patient case review, and more.

Clinical Education

Provide access to digital educational content, such as panels, keynotes, etc.

Patient Support Groups

Coordinate virtual meetings with patient groups, for things like cancer, weight loss, bereavement, etc.

Remote Clinical Training

Seecure’s Augmented and Virtual Reality applications allow for virtual examination and operating rooms, for hands-on training, remotely.

Clinical Consultations

Conduct pre-surgical walkthroughs, RPM check-ins, mental health counseling, and more, in a virtual environment.

HIPAA Readiness

The Seecure platform meets all applicable electronic protected health information requirements for compliance with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule.

Third-Party Review

Every aspect of Seecure has been rigorously reviewed by an independent, third-party assessor, for HIPAA compliance.


Seecure customers enter into a Business Associate Agreement with Seecure, to ensure full compliance with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule.

Our Pricing

14 Day Free Trial of Any Seecure Ecosystem

Pay Monthly
Pay Yearly (Save 10%)

SEECURE Essential

Secure Platform


Use on Any Device, Anywhere

Essential Features Include:

Video meetings with one-click

Built-in scheduling & notifications

Instant message, text to voice, SMS, or email notifications

Screen sharing

Image annotation

White board capability


Custom Platform


Enhanced Features

All Essential Features PLUS:

Virtual Clinic Workflow System

Patient portal

Waiting room

Forms integration

Available in September


Over 50 users


Customized Workflow Interface

All Deluxe Features PLUS:

Schedule a consultation with T4S sales for pricing on customization and implementation needs of workflow and interfaces required to connect to the health tools you already use.

SEECURE Essential

Secure Platform

SAVE 10%


Billed at $108/host/yr

Essential Features

Host up to 50 Participants

Unlimited 1:1 Meetings

Unlimited Group Meetings

Meet as long as you desire

8 Hours of Meeting Recording/Host

HIPAA Cloud Compliance, ePHIsecure

PCI Cloud Compliance

Sarbanes-Oxley 1 & 2 & 3 Compliance

ISO 27001 Compliance

Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS & Android

Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, & Opera


Custom Platform

Save 10%


Billed at $162/host/yr

All Essential Features +

Host up to 100 Participants

12 Hours of Meeting Recording/Host

Central Corporate Administration of Hosts

Accounting Reports by Department

Image Annotation

Breakout Rooms

White Boards

Telehealth Applications

RPM Applications

Work Tasking Applications

Brand Customization

White List IP Access Lists


Over 50 Users

SAVE 10%


Billed at $378/host/yr

All Deluxe Features +

Host up to 200 Participants

Unlimited Recordings

Customized Use Case Cloud Application Development

Project Account Manager

Technical Account Manager

Executive Business Account Reviews

Joint Compliance Audit Reviews

Standard Features of SEECURE

Exceptional features available within this dynamic cloud-based secure platform.


Seecure boasts best in market security and customizability with usability on all devices


One-click scheduling

Each Seecure user can quickly and easily schedule a video conference from any device with a single click and invite up to 100 participants per meeting. Each user also has a personal list of their scheduled meetings, both hosting and attending, to help them keep track of when the important things are happening and where they need to be at any given time.

one click scheduling video conference feature
device compatibility video conference feature

Highly Secure

Device Compatibility

Seecure is compatible with virtually any device and any browser you may use! Join meetings on your PC, Mac, Linux device, iPhone, Android, or any other device, from anywhere, at any time. Use Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, iOS, and more! And Seecure is entirely browser based, so it’s available immediately wherever you log in! No need for complicated, time-consuming downloads, or nagging software updates!

Fully Secure

Secure Chat and File Transfer

The text chat feature lets you jot down important ideas and comments to share with colleagues during a meeting. Share the comment publicly, with everyone, or privately with just one person, or a specific group. You can also share important files, so everyone can have the same document, spreadsheet, or mock-up in front of them during the meeting. All file transfers are encrypted and fully HIPAA compliant, for a safe and secure exchange of ideas.

secure file transfer digital conference feature
screen share digital conference software


Screen Sharing

Allow everyone else in the meeting to see what you see. Choose to share a part or all of your computer screen, to show a video or image, demonstrate a program feature, and more. Show what you’re working on in real time. Seecure also allows participants to make annotations during screen sharing. While one person shares, others can add notes, comments, or even drawings to the shared image, allowing for more dynamic interaction and collaboration.

Brainstorm Support

White Boards

Great for brainstorming, white boards provide a single, virtual space for multiple users to share ideas. Users can write down their own ideas, edit or add to others’ ideas, and collaborate just as if they were all in the same room together. Once the meeting is done, the white board contents can then be saved and sent out to the group for reference as they continue to work individually.

white board digital conference feature
virtual background video conference feature

Useful Details

Virtual Backgrounds

Add some fun and personality to your screen during a meeting by choosing what background displays behind you. Choose a pre-made virtual background, or upload your own image. Or if you’d rather keep things more professional, you can also choose simply to blur your surroundings for privacy, so your face is visible to other participants, but your home and furnishings are not.

The simplest form of communication

Voice Messaging

The simplest form of communication, voice messaging includes phone calls, VoIP calls, voicemails, and even video calls. Seecure lets you integrate them all together for seamless voice communication in any situation.

Call a colleague’s phone from your computer as easily as from your mobile device. Keep all your contacts together, and access them easily on any device, from Seecure’s secure cloud. No more, “What’s this person’s number? I can’t get in touch with them!”

If you don’t have time to chat, dash off a quick voicemail message and send it via phone, e-mail, or SMS. Or quickly turn a phone call into a video call. The possibilities are limitless.

white board digital conference feature
virtual background video conference feature

SMS = text messaging

SMS Messaging

SMS or text messaging lets you reach a person anywhere. E-mails might not be received right away. Or even if they are, the recipient might not be in a position to respond immediately. A short SMS message can be seen and responded to quickly, allowing for better, faster communication. They can be used for quick and easy one on one communication, or for an ongoing exchange of ideas among an entire team, through group text.

Not only can SMS messages be sent to employees, they can also be sent to clients or patients. Automatically send out anything from an appointment reminder to a marketing message, to any phone number in your database. It’s personal as well as convenient.

With Seecure, you can send out individual text messages to a large group of people, via your computer—then view the replies at a glance on either your computer or your mobile device. Access SMS messages easily from any platform, then seamlessly integrate important info from them into project files, personnel files, or wherever else you may need them.

quick and easy messaging

Instant Messaging

While SMS is good for quick and easy messaging, IM is perfect for quick and easy conversations. Exchange ideas even when you’re not necessarily in a position to talk in person, and save them for later. Share files, photos, and more, from your computer or mobile device, wherever you are.

Quickly message team members individually, or in groups, to keep in contact throughout the day. IM is perfect for sending of quick messages or having ongoing conversations, and is great for multitasking. You can carry on multiple IM chats at once and stay in the loop on different projects and situations, without disrupting your regular workflow.

white board digital conference feature
virtual background video conference feature

speeds up your workflow

Voice to Text

Voice to text speeds up your workflow and creates better understanding in communication. Typing messages out takes a long time. Texting them on your phone is even slower, and can lead to embarrassing mistakes due to an overzealous autocorrect. On the other hand, handwritten messages are often illegible—and difficult to send out en masse without wasting paper.

With our speech to text tools, you can create messages as fast as you can speak them. The application recognizes the words being spoken and converts them instantly to text, which can then be sent out as an e-mail, SMS message, chat, etc. It can also be used to create important documents.

The tool can also be trained to remember a person’s particular speech patterns, word choices, pronunciations, etc. This leads to fewer mistakes and more accurate messages, the more you use it.

convenience and accessibility

Text to voice

Our text to speech tools allows both for greater convenience and greater accessibility. SMS messages and other written text communication can be clearly and automatically read out loud for the visually impaired, and anyone else who may have trouble viewing text on a screen.

Even for those not visually impaired, text to speech can be beneficial. Listen to messages you receive while driving or otherwise occupied—then respond seamlessly with the voice to text feature. Stay in the loop while staying safe, and be able to respond immediately in an emergency.

Contact us to learn more about the communication solutions we can provide for your company!

white board digital conference feature
virtual background video conference feature

Custom Video Conferencing Solutions & Integrations

Video Conferencing

If one thing is clear in business over the last year, it’s that video conferencing is a critical business function. With Seecure, you can meet one-on-one or in groups of up to 200, for simple and dynamic video collaboration on any device. There are also a number of features that enable easy screen sharing, call recording and other tools to ensure your video conference is a success.

Seecure is entirely browser-based, to be run on any device—including PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera. We serve a variety of different fields and markets, including healthcare, financial, insurance, legal and legal, and cater to small businesses as well as enterprise sized companies.

Secure & Safe

File Transfer

You can share important files with others, so everyone can have the same document, spreadsheet, or mock-up in front of them during your meetings. All file transfers are encrypted and fully HIPAA compliant, for a safe and secure exchange of ideas. And that’s important in a time where business security breaches have become very common.

Files can be exchanged knowing that the encryption and compliance makes it safe to transfer HIPAA or like documents and images safe and secure. In industries such as the financial sector, insurance, legal and others, secure and safe file transfers are critically important.

white board digital conference feature
virtual background video conference feature

caller voice response actions

IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition)

Route calls from inbound callers with ease based on the voice response of the caller

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated phone system technology that allows incoming callers to access information via a voice response system of prerecorded messages without having to speak to an agent.

You also have available options such as touch tone keypad selection or speech recognition to have a call routed to a certain person or company representative.

IVR improves customer satisfaction and also helps avoid hold time by helping callers find answers and perform easy tasks themselves, with the touch of a button.

More Features

Total Immersion

Seecure can seamlessly integrate with any application on any device, without the need for complex programming or APIs.

Download-Free Meetings

All Seecure features are browser-based, so users can access meetings immediately, without any need for software downloads.

Full Compliance – And More!

Seecure doesn’t just meet, but exceeds, compliance standards for HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, SOX 1, 2, and 3, and ISO 270001.

Secure Data Encryption

All audio, video, and text content that’s sent out using Seecure is encrypted with AES-256 GCM encryption.

Consistent and Unified Experience

Seecure’s tools and features can be used seamlessly across all different devices and browsers, so everyone can experience it the same way, no matter where they are or how they’re accessing it.

Cloud Recording and Streaming

Record meetings securely in the cloud, for later reference, or to share with those who might not have been able to attend. You can also stream the meeting to another platform to show to others.

Screen Annotations

Meeting participants can add their own comments to a shared screen, or even draw figures, for improved project collaboration and exchange of ideas, even remotely.

Breakout Sessions

Split larger meetings into smaller groups of people for more personal discussion and interaction.

Call-In and Call-Out Voice Support

If a user doesn’t have access to Seecure, they can call into a meeting using their phone, from anywhere in the world. Or the host can use Seecure to call out to someone’s phone just as easily, providing on-demand access to Seecure for anyone, anywhere.

Language Translations

The host and all participants in any meeting have the ability to use Seecure seamlessly in their own native language—whatever it may be.

FAQ’s about Seecure’s Features

What is Seecure?

Seecure is a high security, unified communications company. We provide all different methods of connecting businesses, including video, voice chat, SMS, instant messaging, text-to-voice, and voice-to-text, all in a HIPAA-compliant public cloud. We serve a variety of different fields and markets, including healthcare, financial, insurance, legal and legal, and cater to small businesses as well as enterprise sized companies. And we provide use-case app support, to help you customize the Seecure platform to meet your specific business needs.

Is Seecure a Secure Platform?

Seecure is fully HIPAA compliant, to ensure privacy and security in the healthcare field, and PCI compliant, to ensure the security and privacy of all financial transactions.

How is Seecure different from the competition?

In addition to being less expensive, and providing greater value, Seecure is entirely browser-based, to be run on any device—including PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera. That means you don’t need complicated APIs to integrate our applications into your system. You also don’t need to worry about keeping up with updates or your software becoming outdated, or about compatibility issues. Seecure is fully functional and ready to launch, right away, for every user.

Can I try Seecure before committing?

Yes, Seecure offers a free trial, plus both monthly and annual plans, so you can test out the platform without getting locked into a long-term commitment.

How can I conduct an effective virtual meeting on Seecure?

First, make sure the scheduling is convenient for everyone. When conducting a meeting virtually, you may have participants across different time zones—even in different countries! Choose a time that’s convenient for all of them. Send out a brief overview of the meeting along with the invite, then send out a more detailed agenda, closer to the meeting date, so everyone can follow along and know what’s going on. During the meeting, allow feedback and discussion, but moderate it to make sure everyone gets their turn, no one talks too long, and no one is talking over each other. Keep the meeting on task and to the point, to ensure that all important business is dealt with in the allotted time, and you don’t keep people longer than necessary—especially those in other time zones.

Can I record video calls?

Video calls can be recorded by the call moderator, by pressing the Start Record button at any point during the call. There will then be instructions for where to save the recording and how to access it once it’s completed. Remember to get all call participants’ permission before recording them, or at least inform them ahead of time.

digital conferencing software with free trial


We offer both annual and month-to-month plans, so you can choose what works for you, without getting locked into a long commitment if something doesn’t click. Plus, a free trial to see if Seecure is right for your needs!

Try it out for free!