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PCI Compliant Digital Conferencing

Seecure enables convenient digital interactions with your employees and clients through our secure, easy-to-us, and cost-effective platform

financial industry digital conferencing software

Compliant to the highest standards



Our cloud-based Unified Communications solutions allow for video, voice, text chat, and more, with seamless transition. Securely communicate with anyone, from any device, without the hassle of software compatibility issues.

compliant  digital conferencing software


Finance Industry Specific

financial digital conferencing software

Highly Secure Platform

Exchange files knowing that the encryption and compliance makes it safe to transfer sensitive documents, images and text.

User-Friendly Software

user friendly digital conferencing software

Plug and Play Platform

There’s no complex setup and no need for regular software updates. Everything’s ready for you to get down to business immediately.

Cost-Effective Solution

best digital conferencing software

Best Value in the Industry

With packages for every budget, we offer a low, flat rate per user, which can easily be scaled up or scaled down to fit your needs.

Seecure Digital Conferencing Software Features

Seecure has over 16 essential features making it one of the most dynamic video communication platforms available.

one click scheduling digital conferencing software feature

One-Click Scheduling

Each Seecure user can quickly schedule a video conference from any device and invite up to 100 participants per meeting.

compatible digital conferencing software feature

Device Compatibility

Join meetings on your PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, or any other device, from anywhere, at any time.

secure digital conferencing software feature

Secure Chat and File Transfer

Text chat with one or more participants during a meeting, and send and receive files securely.

scrren share digital conferencing software feature

Screen Sharing

Make meetings interactive by sharing what’s on your screen with the group, be it an image, a program, or a video.

white board digital conferencing software feature

White Boards

Allow multiple users to write down, share, and edit ideas in the same space during a meeting, which can then be saved and sent to the group.

 virtual background digital conferencing software feature

Virtual Backgrounds

Choose a pre-made virtual background, customize your own, or simply blur your surroundings, for privacy.


Client Testimonials

Game Changing Process Improvements have cut our time spent in half

Using Seecure we received a HIPAA compliant software solution in less time and cost than any other product on the market. Our stakeholders within Seecure can communicate needs, discuss costs, review 3D Printer Designs of Implants and send to a factory in a time savings and fully recorded and documented manner. We highly recommend Seecure for Healthcare to any organization with Interactive Use Case needs.

Aurelio Lebovits

Chairman, BioArchitects

Helping us provide high compliance full stack secure cloud applications

Seecure is alone in its ability to provide unlimited HIPAA applications on the public cloud that combine zoom capabilities within healthcare use cases in a cost effective SaaS cost model. Seecure has brought together in a unique vision both the HIPAA Compliant Communications of Unified Communications of Video, Voice, Text, SMS, Chat and File Transfer within HIPAA compliant client defined use cases for Healthcare.

Kevin Schlumpf

Partner T4S Partners

Our Pricing

14 Day Free Trial of Any Seecure Ecosystem

Pay Monthly
Pay Yearly (Save 10%)

SEECURE Essential

Secure Platform


Use on Any Device, Anywhere

Essential Features Include:

Video meetings with one-click

Built-in scheduling & notifications

Instant message, text to voice, SMS, or email notifications

Screen sharing

Image annotation

White board capability


Custom Platform


Enhanced Features

All Essential Features PLUS:

Virtual Clinic Workflow System

Patient portal

Waiting room

Forms integration

Available in September


Over 50 users


Customized Workflow Interface

All Deluxe Features PLUS:

Schedule a consultation with T4S sales for pricing on customization and implementation needs of workflow and interfaces required to connect to the health tools you already use.

SEECURE Essential

Secure Platform

SAVE 10%


Billed at $108/host/yr

Essential Features

Host up to 50 Participants

Unlimited 1:1 Meetings

Unlimited Group Meetings

Meet as long as you desire

8 Hours of Meeting Recording/Host

HIPAA Cloud Compliance, ePHIsecure

PCI Cloud Compliance

Sarbanes-Oxley 1 & 2 & 3 Compliance

ISO 27001 Compliance

Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS & Android

Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, & Opera


Custom Platform

Save 10%


Billed at $162/host/yr

All Essential Features +

Host up to 100 Participants

12 Hours of Meeting Recording/Host

Central Corporate Administration of Hosts

Accounting Reports by Department

Image Annotation

Breakout Rooms

White Boards

Telehealth Applications

RPM Applications

Work Tasking Applications

Brand Customization

White List IP Access Lists


Over 50 Users

SAVE 10%


Billed at $378/host/yr

All Deluxe Features +

Host up to 200 Participants

Unlimited Recordings

Customized Use Case Cloud Application Development

Project Account Manager

Technical Account Manager

Executive Business Account Reviews

Joint Compliance Audit Reviews

FAQ’s on Financial Market Digital Conferencing

How is Seecure different from the competition?

In addition to being less expensive, and providing greater value, Seecure is entirely browser-based, to be run on any device—including PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera. That means you don’t need complicated APIs to integrate our applications into your system. You also don’t need to worry about keeping up with updates or your software becoming outdated, or about compatibility issues. Seecure is fully functional and ready to launch, right away, for every user.

What is Seecure?

Seecure is a high security, unified communications company. We provide all different methods of connecting businesses, including video, voice chat, SMS, instant messaging, text-to-voice, and voice-to-text, all in a HIPAA-compliant public cloud. We serve a variety of different fields and markets, including healthcare, financial, insurance, legal and legal, and cater to small businesses as well as enterprise sized companies. And we provide use-case app support, to help you customize the Seecure platform to meet your specific business needs.

Is Seecure a Secure Platform?

Seecure is fully HIPAA compliant, to ensure privacy and security in the healthcare field, and PCI compliant, to ensure the security and privacy of all financial transactions.

Can I try Seecure before committing?

Yes, Seecure offers a free trial, plus both monthly and annual plans, so you can test out the platform without getting locked into a long-term commitment.

financial industry digital conferencing software free trial

Try It Commitment-Free!

We offer both annual and month-to-month plans, so you can choose what works for you, without getting locked into a long commitment if something doesn’t click. Plus, a free trial to see if Seecure is right for your needs!

Try it out for free!

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